Monthly Archives: August 2010

Portrait of Nittayaporn

Nittiyaporn is family. She is my wife’s niece. She is also rather shy about being photographed. I kept shooting until she relaxed then got this one.
I quite like this portrait. I likeĀ images of people when they are relaxed.

Why Did I Make This Photo?

I remember the question from one of my photography instructors: “why did you make this photo?” His contention was that if a viewer asked that question I may not have captured what I felt, or saw, otherwise the question would have been unnecessary. My instructor suggested asking that question before I had the camera to my face.

My current effort is to get good at portraiture. Portraiture is difficult for me because I’m quite shy; I don’t want to impose. It’s a matter of confidence, I suppose. When I do push myself the results are often more satisfying than other genre.

For the record: I know exactly why I made this photo; it is one of my favorites.