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Rodbuster – Photo of the Day for 23 November

Rodbuster, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

Taken indoors in a building with large windows. It was cloudy outside. The combination made for even, soft lighting.


Finnish Brotherhood Hall, Berkeley, California.

I’ve been thinking lately, with increasing frequency, that perhaps I have too many cameras. I want a single camera that is small enough that I would take it everywhere; fast enough for off-the-cuff shooting; and simple.

On occasion, I think about using only a large camera like the C220 or the Crown Graphic.

Ultimately, I realize I just can’t bring myself to part with any of them.

This frame was done with my cell phone. It’s my Daily Photo for November 22.

Unused School, Berkeley, California

Abandoned buildings are fascinating. This school is not truly abandoned – I’m working here as part of a structural upgrade to conform with current building standards. The place has the abandoned feel, however, and I’m likely to get in trouble by nosing around.

This was shot with the camera in my cell phone with in-camera monochrome setting. “The best camera is the one you have with you.”

My Photo of the Day for 11/17/2010

Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

When people get distracted from the camera they will forget to look their best. “A”, my niece in the foreground, tends to set her expression when she is before the camera. “C”, behind her, is much more expressive in front of a camera. Fortunately she forgot about the camera for just a moment – that’s all I needed.