Monthly Archives: February 2011

Home From School

Home From School, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

I needed a photo for my daily challenge. I grabbed the camera and went to work with The Grandchild’s boots and bag. I shot about 2 dozen frames and kept a few. This seems the best.


Family Portrait

Family Portrait, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

I wonder if the conflicts within me between the satisfaction with portraiture and shyness are common. So many times I have seen someone I know I should photograph, but I’m petrified with fear and don’t do anything about it.

I occasionally come out of my shell, usually with the help of external events. I was asked to take their picture with their camera, which I happily did, because it leads to the next step, then I told them it was my turn, using my camera. Some days the Universe conspires to get me where I need to go.


Conversation, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

I dream of being the ballsy photographer putting himself out in the middle of the crowd and facing the uncertainties of facing the public. It is, however, just a dream.

But, wait a minute, didn’t I just do that? Well, almost; this time I was safely within the confines of my pickup truck.

Just one more thing that scares me.