Monthly Archives: March 2011


Patio, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

There is something remarkable about a patio’s surface, it will take any pattern that falls upon it. Is this pattern one of light? Perhaps, more correctly, it is shadow. In any case, it is the light that does the work.

While the purpose of photography is, at first glance, the photo, it’s greater purpose is in challenging one to see. As a photographer, I have learned to see everything differently; I think I see light more fully than I ever did before.

Love, and photons,



Cloud, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

Light can be subtle. We might think little of dark places, but the light is still there, sneaking in past our preconceptions and leaving a touch of illumination where we least expect it.

Light is Where You Find It

Light is Where You Find It, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

I’ve noticed that many of my most satisfying photographs were made in and around my home. We often have the idea that the exotic is the better subject for our efforts. It’s probably a natural way of thinking – I think the familiar is so familiar that we tend to overlook it. One benefit of using our most familiar surroundings for art is a renewed appraisal of the value of what we have.

When my photography achieves the status of art it is as a recognition of the presence of light.