Monthly Archives: July 2011

Eon Coffee

Eon Coffee, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

Work gets in the way of a life. I had a rare (lately non-existent) break in the work schedule today. I got a few shots today, this is the best, and got the memory cards dumped into Lightroom.

If you look closely at my photo catalog, you will detect a trend towards Winter. The rainy season pushes the construction season into storage for a few months; at which time I have more time for fun.


Dead Wood, Lime Ridge

Dead Wood, Lime Ridge, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

One of my High School English teachers said, “the essence of writing is crossing out.” I think the essence of photography is cropping out. Eliminate all that doesn’t contribute to the story. Be ruthless.

Some of the cropping happens before releasing the shutter, some happens in processing. What happens, in my case, is further recognition of non-essential elements. But, had I not cropped what I knew was non-essential when there I might not have seen what more needed to come out.

Love, and creative destruction.

Betty Rose’s Garden

Betty Rose’s Garden, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

Claude Monet spent a lot of time and effort on his garden and frequently used it in his paintings. A densely packed garden will keep a painter or photographer busy for quite some time.

Click through the image to see additional images shot the same day.

The Look

The Look, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

This is why I like portraiture so much.