Monthly Archives: November 2011

Tunnel Work

Tunnel Work, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

When i photograph people (plural), I try to catch some expression of their relationships. When they are engaged in an activity the opportunity is greater to catch that moment.

I was there as an inspector and they had gotten used to me pointing my camera everywhere. Besides, they are professionals, and know they have a job to do.


Green, Yellow and Red

Green, Yellow and Red, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

A demonstration of the value of getting out for a walk in rainy weather.

Vineyard, Sears Point, California

I have allowed myself to be distracted. Truthfully, I managed the distraction all on my own. For several months, now, I’ve done little photography. Instead I found time-wasters to obsess over.

I saw this vineyard this morning, on my way to a construction assignment. I told myself to stop on the return trip to, at least, scout the location.

The sun was behind the skyline and the light was going. I want to get back here in the morning, soon; the morning light should be most delightful.