Oakland Inner Harbor

Oakland Inner Harbor, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

I have been asked why I shoot film still when digital photography is so available and advanced.

I shoot both digital and film. I shoot film as an artistic exercise.

It’s so easy with digital to hold the button down and pick out the best shot from many dozen lesser frames. My usual memory cards (4Mb) hold 240 frames each at the fat file format I use. It’s really easy to do that way, until it’s time to organize and process.

With film I’m severely restricted to fewer frames. Thus, I have to think about what I’m doing before I trip the shutter. Interestingly, I get as many good frames out of one dozen film frames as I have from a gross of digital frames. The discipline has helped me slow down when shooting digital; shooting fewer frames and getting more keepers.

I shoot film because it helps me improve my digital photography.


About Stephen Foster

I have been pressing a camera to my face since I was twelve years old; if you look closely, you can see the marks. View all posts by Stephen Foster

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