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Tassajara Hills

Tassajara Hills, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

More from the iPhone.

I stole a few moments on the way to my morning work assignment to shoot the hills.


Electro Glide – Attracted to Shiny Objects

Electro Glide, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

More from my iPhone.

Brilliant Corner

Brilliant Corner, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

I’ve been making good use of my iPhone as a camera. I shot this with the Camera+ app.

On May 20 I mused about using only an iPhone and 4×5 view camera, leaving out all the in-betweens. I could do it, you know.

The Old Way is Gone

The Old Way is Gone, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

I doubt I will ever embrace the impermanence of the things I love. With a photograph I will cling for another decade to the memory, but the image itself will crumble in all too short a time. Nothing will outlast us for more than a moment.


Garden, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

You will find a flock of instagram photos on my flickr stream. I at last have an iPhone – really a tiny camera that does other useful things. I have entertained the thought of divesting myself of my other equipment, except the 4×5.

I’m having fun.

Mission District, San Francisco – Learning to See

A long time ago I discovered that I had acquired the habit of photography at the exclusion of comprehension. In practicing photography I had learned a greater facility for observation – to the point that I was seeing photographs everywhere. I then made the mistake of trying to capture all of them. I was making lots of photos, but it wasn’t until processing them that I actually took time to see what was there.

I took a break from photography, a day or two at a time, sometimes a month. I still practiced observing and I found lots more photographs, but kept my hands in my pockets.

It worked. I often give myself a long pause before lifting the camera to my eye. Time to just be another human being looking at something with my full attention. What happened is a change in my photographs. I would shoot the ideas I initially have and the new ideas that grew while just looking. The newer ideas have been the most satisfying.

This photograph illustrates something else that grew from that new attentiveness: my ability to rapidly recognize an opportunity and jump on it. This photo is the antithesis of just seeing – I grabbed this while walking across a busy intersection by turning back for only a few seconds. I had not time to linger.