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Expression Trumps Perfection

, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

One of the pro photographers I follow is Scott Bourne. The title is a phrase he uses.

Black and white photographs, especially analog made, can express a degree of perfection that will take one’s breath away. At the same time, some of the most compelling images break all the rules.

My test for my own images is a kind of serenity I feel when viewing the result. I seem to be fond of high contrast and deep shadows.

Go see some of my favorites for an idea of what impresses me.


Patterson Pass

Patterson Pass, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

I have a weakness for clouds and shadows. Click through to Flickr then click on the image to view with a dark frame. I hope you have a big monitor.

Northwestern Pacific

Northwestern Pacific, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

Look at the detail in this. That’s an iPhone.

OK, enough of the fanboy stuff. Next post will actually be about photography, art, emotion, integrity, and all that other stuff.