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Hand-Held 4×5


This is from several years ago. Madam and I had gone to San Francisco with the Crown Graphic. At one point my tripod lost a leg segment.

This family asked me to photograph them with their camera, then I said it was my turn and I used the CG.

Take care and chase photons.


Eldest Child

Eldest Child, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

For some reason, I hadn’t asked TJ, our eldest child, to stand before my camera in a more controlled setting (as in not the kitchen). All I had to do was ask.

The composition here is accidental – I got into a hurry and didn’t frame in with my usual preference. But, with her expression and slight turn to her left, it seems appropriate.

The Incomparable Grandchild

Getting myself back on the wagon. I’ve added another recurring group obligation, but it’s weekly instead of daily. This one calls for thematic planning, too.

Betty Rose’s Garden

Betty Rose’s Garden, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

Claude Monet spent a lot of time and effort on his garden and frequently used it in his paintings. A densely packed garden will keep a painter or photographer busy for quite some time.

Click through the image to see additional images shot the same day.

The Look

The Look, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

This is why I like portraiture so much.


David, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

Photo of the Day for Friday, 29 October.

Carlos – Photo of the Day

Carlos, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

I worked with this gentleman some years ago on a big project near San Francisco. He is well educated, but understood that his experience was limited. he was the most teachable student I have ever had.

Photo of the Day for 10/27/2010