Express Abstractionism

Express Abstractionism 2, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

This is frame 2 of my 365 project for 2013.

The goal is a daily photo that fits the theme of “Express Abstractionism”.

I’m not going to define the concept any further; I want to keep it fluid.

To view the whole project stop over at my Flickr stream.


Across The Fence


I was waiting for my coffee to brew; slouched against the counter, I had been staring blankly out the back door, when my pre-coffee brain dimly awoke to the recognition of an image.

Now that my coffee is at hand I can consciously reflect on what I’ve dome.

My Mother’s Kitchen Window

My Mother’s Kitchen Window, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

Just the way the light falls is what drew me to this shot.

How Shadow Falls


Photographers have an obsession for light, but light is also shadow. “Light is the left hand of darkness” – Ursula K. LeGuin.

What we really love is the way light and shadow combine.



My hands are sore from digging. Today’s photo is of as-a-mundane subject as one could wish. With my iPhone during a quick break.

Aphrodite, my Beloved


This tree inhabits my favorite hiking venue. She has rather feminine (anthropomorphic) features, when seen close.

Shot, edited, and posted from my iPhone; ain’t technology fun?


Monolith, originally uploaded by Stephen Foster.

One of the delights of light is the way it repeats itself. Through a roof opening direct sunlight beats on the floor, but a soft reflection finds it’s way onto a dark wall.