Shooting on the spur of the moment; out the car window, waiting for traffic. Cellphone camera, 2011.


Up Close and Personal


This is my wife. The photograph was done in 2011. I haven’t done many portraits this closely cropped, but I need to do this more often.



Los Angeles, California.



At California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco. Nikon D200, processed monochrome post.

I have a Dropbox folder that I use to provide images to the various platforms I use. I decided yesterday that I need to use each image only once, then delete it. Don’t worry, it’s not gone, I’m just not going to repeat quite so much.

Express Abstractionism


The Buddhist temple my wife attends is in the midst of a construction boom. Just a little something from the back corner.

Hand-Held 4×5


This is from several years ago. Madam and I had gone to San Francisco with the Crown Graphic. At one point my tripod lost a leg segment.

This family asked me to photograph them with their camera, then I said it was my turn and I used the CG.

Take care and chase photons.

Eastbound at Truckee


Shot with smartphone camera, edited in Light Room mobile (iPad).

April we took the train to Iowa to visit a friend. No heavy artillery on this trip; just the phone and the Canon G12.